Monday, May 4, 2015

Another Day at Work

 Howdy y'all! Wow so this is my post within the year!! I am making progress! I am excited! Are you tired of these exclamation points?!!!!
 Okay so I know in my tiny passage of greetings I had expressed that I was an avid reader, that I like being around books and that is why I enjoy my job. You see what I do is that I go into various stores that are not specifically book stores but do carry books and I put popular titles out. So my day to day life has to do with organizing, putting out and returning books, so I am surrounded by books all the time which is awesome :-).
 However I don't get to choose what comes out in new release and I don't get to really request any specific books, I just put out whatever is shipped to the store. As I live in Texas the Lone Star State smack dab in middle of the big Bible Belt, a lot of the books that I put out are are titled 'Inspirational' but really are 100% Christianity propaganda books and Bibles. Now when I say Christianity propaganda I am talking about conspiracy theory's, paranoid and just the general wack-a-doodle mess. Take one of my personal favorites for example:

This book came out in, I want to say 10 months ago and has been selling pretty well which was a little alarming for me but then I was new to these types of books.
 I want you to really look at it. Notice that this book has a leather like spell book look going on. I am sure the author & marketers were not going for the Defense Against the Dark Arts feel but that's the first thing that came to mind when I first saw this little baby.
  I mean it's got the pseudo gold stamping and looks like it belongs on a Harry Potter movie set. I'm pretty sure these are the same people who would who where responsible for the Harry Potter series being taken out of my elementary school when I was a kid.
 I have always wanted to write about these 'inspirational' books I deal with everyday and so I plan on doing just that! Right now there are enough wacky books like this to do a whole weekly segment on!
So why not? Leave me your thoughts!

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